Rona Lightings

Rona entered lighting industries in 2009 with an eye for innovation in exterior and interior lighting with an architectural approach.

Combining this approach with the latest technology became Rona’s motivation to manufacture their products in two main groups of linear lights and plain lights that can be recessed, surface mounted or pendant mounted.

Our linear lights not only provide sufficient light for commercial, office, residential or public spaces, but the can also be used as local and decorative lights as well.

Rona’s products have a monolithic aluminum base created by the extrusion process and use LEDs with international standards which results in products with high quality and efficiency.

The design and manufacturing of this equipment inside the country not only helps with financial savings in different projects it also helps keep our architectural designs up to date and closer to modern architecture.

To achieve these goals Rona Co. is ready to provide any consulting services for design, installation or implementation of lighting projects to advisers, contractors, and clients.

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